About Terry Lee

Terry Lee Wells was a loving, kind, and sharing person who was instilled since childhood with a desire to serve her community.

She found joy in life and brought that same joy to her friends, family, and most of all, to those who were less fortunate than she.

Terry lived her entire life in Reno, where she was
an ardent and dedicated volunteer in numerous organizations that provide help to the at-risk and underprivileged population in northern Nevada.

Terry was especially fond of children, and loved to sponsor outings and celebrations where they could experience the same sense of happiness and joy that Terry instilled in her friends.

Here she is with her cousin, Dawn Wells, sharing a special moment.

She had a flair for hosting elaborate parties, and her
annual themed gala at Lake Tahoe was one of the most
sought-after events of the year.

She traveled world-wide and often invited friends and
family to join her for memorable experiences.

Terry created the Terry Lee Wells Foundation
in 1999 so she could leave a philanthropic legacy that would ensure her passion for helping others would continue long into the future.

Her premature death in 2002 left a void in the lives of many who will remember her sparkle, her joy, and her love for life. She truly lived up to the motto she established for the Foundation:

     “Reaching Out, Touching Hearts, Changing Lives.”